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Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture

Below is an article published by Molly Shea of Yahoo Health on April 8, 2015 which describes how and why cosmetic acupuncture has become a "go to" for looking younger. The ancient practice … Read More ...


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Reducing Knee Pain With Orthotics

Many of us suffer from chronic pain in the knees. Often there is a connection between knee pain and the way you walk. Misalignment of the lower leg due to overpronation of the foot is a leading cause of knee pain. Pronation, the flattening of the … [Read More...]

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Two Quick Fitness Tips

  One of the most common reasons that a person fails at a given workout program is that we tend to place more emphasis on the physical aspect of health and fitness, at the expense of the mental aspect. Fitness programs are physical by … [Read More...]